1. What is Community Wide Direct TV Bulk Service (CWDTS)?

  • CWDTS is a television service provided to an entire community residential area, offering a shared Direct TV solution for all residents from a single dish an internet connection.

2. How does CWDTS differ from traditional cable or satellite TV services?

  • CWDTS serves an entire community with a single Direct TV service, providing cost savings and often a bundled package at a much lower per-household rate compared to individual subscriptions.

3. Can I choose my own channels with CWDTS?

  • Typically, CWDTS offers predefined channel packages for the entire community, ensuring consistent service for all residents. This can include community channels from the property owner.
  • Individual residents can enter into agreements with Direct TV for premium channels and services.

4. Is CWDTS available in rural areas with limited access to traditional cable or satellite services?

  • Yes, CWDTS can be an excellent option for rural communities where individual cable or satellite providers may not be readily available.

5. How is CWDTS billed to residents?

  • CWDTS costs are usually included in community association fees, rent, or billed separately to residents by the property owner who will get one master bill for the entire system.
  • This allows the property manager to derive revenue from the service.

6. Can I add premium channels or services to my CWDTS package?

  • Yes as the property owner you can select channels for the entire system.
  • Residents have the option to customize their individual packages with premium channels or additional services for an extra fee directly with us.

7. What happens if there's a service issue or outage with CWDTS?

  • Service issues or outages are resolved by Rim Satellite, and residents can report problems through a designated support channel.
  • We record all calls and track all tickets.  Our SLA is second to non.

8. Are there any restrictions on using personal streaming devices with CWDTS?

  • Depending on the solution selected we can allow residents to use personal streaming devices alongside their community-wide Direct TV service.

9. Can I cancel my CWDTS subscription if I'm not satisfied with the service?

  • Agreements are typically 3-5 years and come with service provider requirements for cancelation.  For details on canceling the service contact us.
  • Individual residents who get over the top agreements for premium services are subject to the individual agreements terms.

10. How can I get Community Wide Direct TV Bulk Service set up in my community?

  • Contact Rim Satellite to discuss options for bringing the service to your community, and explore the feasibility of implementation with your community association or management.